Lot 4035. Conrad Westpfahl, Abstract Composition

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Lot 4035 | Conrad Westpfahl, Abstract Composition
Conrad WestpfahLänge: Berlin 1891 - 1976 Wetzhausen. German painter and graphic artist. Important representatives of the Informal art, in particular abstract representations. Studies in Berlin , including Emil Orlik, as well as at the Munich Academy of art. In 1930 emigrated to Paris, acquaintance with Max Ernst and Picasso. From 1934 to 1939 in Greece. 1939 return to Berlin. Malverbot in the time of national socialism upon his return. After the war, numerous international exhibitions in Milan, Paris, Florence and Rome. Subject: Abstract composition with a hint of ladder-climbing people. Watercolor/mixed technique (on paper ?), in the bottom right of C. West stake", approx 28 x 19.5 cm (field of view under Passepartout) signed", under glass, framed. Lit.: Hans-Dieter Mück, Conrad Westpfahl. Abstract Work in 1932 to 1976 (plant directory), Frankfurt/Stuttgart, 1997. Ulrich Bischoff (Ed.), Conrad Westpfahl. A Pictorial Monograph, Cologne 2000.

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