Lot 551 . Crescentiis, P.de.

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Lot 551 | Crescentiis, P.de.
Crescentiis, P.de. Livre des Prouffitz Champestres et Ruraulx. Paris, Guernier für Huguetan (ca. 1503). Fol. Mit Holzschn.-Druckerm. u. 12 Holzschn. 8 nn., ClXXXVI (i.e. 197, ohne d.le.w.) num. Bl. (davon 4 in Faksimile). Sign a8, b-c6, d8, e-z6, A-H6 J7. Modell Halbleder
IA 146739. Renouard, ICP, I, 1503, 36. Erste französisch Ausgabe. - Datierung nach der Adresse von Du Guernier im Druckvermehrt: "grant rue de la herpe devant la rue de la percheminerie". - Die Holzschnitte nach der Ausgabe: 1486 (Paris, Jean I Bonhomme). - The Bolognese nobleman Pietro de' Crescenzi, a retired lawyer and himself a country landowner living at Villa d'Olmo near Bologna, composed his treatise between 1304 and 1309. Following the tradition of ancient Roman agricultural writers, he wrote in Latin, and divided the work into 12 sections, each of which is devoted to a specific topic. The work is considered the most important source on agricultural practices, husbandry and horticulture in the Middle Ages, and includes hunting, fishing, wine-making, the use of medicinal plants, animal diseases, and a monthly calendar of duties and tasks. - Titelbl., Bl. q1, q6 und I7 in Faksimile eingebunden. Mehrere Wurmspuren, vorwiegend in den Blatträndern. Gegen Ende stark wasserrandig. Bl. a8 angerändert u. teilweise angefasert. Tls. stock- u. fingerfl. - Sehr selten. - Very rare. First French edition. With woodcut printer's device on title and 12 woodcuts. Modern half leather. Missing 4 sheets (included in copy). Ending heavily waterstained, partly foxing and stained.

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