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Lot 2399 | Guardian, D.
Contrafehe Of Mr Fugger and Frawen Fuggerin wöllche in this gender has been geporen or CDE to the same committed outside of wedlock. Augsburg, Mang 1620 (Tit. verso: 1619). 4°. With title, stamped coat of Arms stamped, 129 Portraits of D. Custos, and Lukas, u., Wolfgang Kilian stamped, with Text on the reverse side. 1 Bl. (The Register). - ╔Offers.: Signature manuscript╗ of the Bavarian jurist, historian and archivist ╔Felix Joseph (of) Lipowsky╗: materials, Leitwaege and Additions to the genealogy and history (...) Prince of the lords and the counts Fugger. Munich, 1820. 230 Bl. Hldr. the time (a Little operation. and to the best of.).
VD17 12:648635H. Kress P. 480. Lipperheide Da 8 (falsely 1618). - Rare edition of the beautiful portrait of consequence, with German Text. The male and female members of the various branches of the house of Fugger are, in part, in the rectangle, some in Oval half-figure shown. - ╔The manuscript╗ contains part of more extensive biographies of the Depicted, generally, with a particular focus on the kinship relations. Not all of the persons portrayed were edited by Lipowsky, so are between the biographies also worked a number of white leftover leaves. It may be a groundwork, the learned elsewhere to make a definitive version. A publication of the manuscript could not be detected, but it's included for sure in the numerous Works Lipowskys. - Vord. Level and on-the-fly. Intent with hs. Register, probably by Lipowsky written. Copper-title, verso stamped and laterally with Deposit. The Tit. of the manuscript, verso stamped. - Tit. and the first Bl. foxing. On the edge a bit damp stained, tls. stronger.

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