Lot 1849. Daelmans, G.

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Lot 1849 | Daelmans, G.
The Newly chamfered Heyl-art, auff be geheilet the reason Alcali and Acidi erbauet: In which the reasons of today's new Practica all Diseases without major weitläuff transparency very well. Ffo., Voelcker 1694. 14 Bl., 196 P. Mod. Cardboard from old Material.
VD17 7:689941T. Krivatsy 3042. Hirsch H.-II, 167. First German edition. - Gilles (Aegidius) Daelmans is the middle of the 17th century. Century. born. After his studies in Leuven, he worked for six years as a ship's doctor for the Dutch East India company operates. Later he was city physician in his native city of Antwerp. According to Hirsch, he was a very zealous follower of the iatrochemischen teaching of F. de Le Boë. - Republished several times, the deer only knows the German Translations of 1702 and 1715. - Some very heavily browned. Last 4 Bl. in the right margin a little brittle and with Wurmsp. in the inner web.

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