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Lot 1558 | Darwin, C.
Darwin, C. Geological observations on South America, and employed during the voyage of the "Beagle" in the years 1832-1836. (And): ╔Founder.╗ Small geological treatises. Translated from English by J. Victor Carus. 2. Edition, 2 parts in 1 Band. Stuttgart, Switzerland Bart 1899. X, 400 p.; 194 PP. with 52 woodcuts, 5 (1 folded & handkol.) lithogr. Panels & 2 (1 folded, 1 double fullpage.) lihtogr. Cards. Half of the time cloth with gold spine titles & Linienverg.

(= Collected works, vol 12, 1 & 2). Freeman, 407 u. 1601. - Second German edition of an important trip report. First appeared in 1878 in this Translation. Cover rubbed a little, the inside joints tight bursts, Titelbl. multiple stamped paper due to the partly browned more, a good copy from the library of the eminent mineralogist Franz Siegfried Wilhelm Bruhns (1864-1929) lied, which is a Professor at the mining Academy of Clausthal, and whose first rector he was from 1919 to 1921.

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