Lot 400. Spitzweg, Carl . The eye of the law (Justitia)

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Lot 400Spitzweg, Carl . The eye of the law (Justitia)
On the left below with the S in the Rhombus referred to (carved). On the architrave XIT dated ".MDCCCLVII" (1857). Oil on canvas 48.5 x 26.7 cm. Restoration. Frame. Frame back: hand-written numbering of the Central Collecting Point, Munich, "9629". - Printed adhesive label with the object name, numbering, "Ser. No 25" and the stamp "office of the Federal President / Federal property". - Adhesive label exhibition, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany, 1985/86. - Adhesive label exhibition, Haus der Kunst, Munich, 2003. Back of the wedge frame: hand-written name "Lanna K[?] 203" and "narrow-leaved". - Adhesive label with numbering, "62", the so-called Linzer number. Stamp of the Central office for monument protection. - Adhesive label with machine-written name of "Bonn office of the Federal President / FIAT JUSTITIA!". Stamp "Office Of The Federal President / Federal Property". - Adhesive label exhibition, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany in 1985/86. Frame carton: label exhibition, the Seedamm cultural centre with a date stamp "08. Jan. 2003". Exhibitions: "Three twenty-third special exhibition at the Royal geographical society. National gallery, Berlin. The works of Carl von Piloty, Carl Spitzweg, and Friedrich Voltz". November / December, 1886, p. 13, no. 100 "Justitia" (as the property of the heirs of the artist). Spitzweg Exhibition, Prague, Rudolfinum, 1887, Catalogue No. 69. - "Exhibition of German art from the period 1775-1875" (centennial exhibition), Berlin, national gallery, 5. September 24. October, 1906, catalogue no. 1662 as "lying In wait" (collection of Freiherr von Lanna, Prague). - Exhibition "Carl Spitzweg and the French artist. Daumier - Grandville - Gavarni - Doré. Munich, house of art, 23. November 1985 - 2. February 1986, catalogue no. 283 as a "Fiat Justitia, or The eye of the law". - Exhibition", Carl Spitzweg. Traveling and Hiking in Europe, and the Happy angle". Pfäffikon, Seedamm cultural center, and Munich, Haus der Kunst, 22. September 2002 - 5. January 2003 and 24. January - 4. In may 2003, catalogue no. 40 as "The eye of the law (Justitia)". - Wipplinger, Hans-Peter (Hg.), "Carl Spitzweg - Erwin Wurm. Delicious! Delicious? Hilarious! The Hilarious?". Exhibition Catalog, Leopold Museum, Wien, 25. March 19. June, 2017. Cologne 2017, p. 214, and Fig. p. 143. Literature (selection): Apparently identical with the handwritten sale directory of this artist listed painting no. 129 "Scene on the road [...] March 15, 1857 in Prague offered [Justice and police servants] return". This reprinted and transcribed in Wichmann, Siegfried, Carl Spitzweg - art, costs, and conflicts. Frankfurt a. M. / Berlin, 1991, p. 321. - Ostini, Fritz von, Carl Spitzweg's world. 100 of his most beautiful images with portrait and biography of the painter. Barmen 1924, figure 19: as a "Fiat justitia!". - Roennefahrt, Günther, Carl Spitzweg. Descriptive catalogue of his paintings, oil studies and watercolours. Munich 1960, p. 226, list of works no. 847 (with illustration). - Wichmann, Siegfried, Carl Spitzweg. List of works - paintings and watercolours. Stuttgart 2002, p. 415, factory directory, no. 1005 (with figure) and further literature references. - Muller, Melissa / Tatzkow, Monika, Lost pictures, lost lives. Jewish collectors and their works of art. Munich 2009, p. 61-71: the contribution by Monika Tatzkows to the collector Leo Bendel. Provenance: estate of the artist. Collection of Freiherr von Lanna, Prague (to 1906). - Collection Of Leo Bendel (1868-1940), Berlin. Gallery Heinemann, Munich (1937). - By Maria Almas-Dietrich for the planned führer Museum in Linz, acquired (1938). - Central Collecting Point, Munich (1945). - Office of the Federal President (since 1961). - 2019 Restitution to the heirs of Leo Bendel.

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