Lot 62. The Mandala of 58 wrathful deities from the Tibetan book of the dead

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Lot 62 | The Mandala of 58 wrathful deities from the Tibetan book of the dead
TIBET, 18./19. Century
The Mandala shows the 58 visionary manifestations of the Wrathful deities of the Bardo, as they reveal themselves to the deceased from the eighth day of his Disappearance. In the first seven days, a total of 49 days of the dead ritual, the 42 peaceful deities, which were represented in a further Mandala Thangka. In the center of the large-scale mandala-circle, a total of six horror full Herukas are emanations of Adibuddha Samantabhadra and of the Five wisdom Buddhas (Tathagatas). In the wider environment, the eight Keurima, the eight Damema and the twenty-eight animal-headed Dakinis appear. All of these different colored phenomena are distributed according to their cosmic assignments on the four segments of the Mandala, which is spanned by a feinlienigen rainbow circle. The God in the upper area of the painting Shakyamuni with the Buddhas of the past and the future are in the midst of the Buddha - the three times representing. In the left corner of the four-armed Avalokiteshvara Shadakshari appear; the red-colored "Buddha of long life" - Amitayus; the white coloured cleaning Adi-Buddha Vajrasattva with his weisheis partner and the Green Tara, as Nothelferin. The upper-right corner shows Guru Rinpoche; a red-colored, vieramige appearance of Avalokiteshvara; the famous Poet and Mahasiddha, Milarepa, and including the White Tara. In the lower area of significant Initiations appear, and protective deities, v. l. n. r.: the lion-headed Dakini Shimhamukha; the red Yidam Hayagriva; the green horse's head in your hair; the six-armed Mahakala and the wrathful Palden Lhamo, on a mule riding. Tempera and Gold on cotton fabric, outer bezel complements.

Provenance: From a South German private collection, from 1970 to 2010 literature: D. collected - I. Lauf, secret Tibetan teachings of the dead books - beyond worlds, and conversion after death, Aurum Verlag, Freiburg im Breisgau, 1975 - Abrasions Partial

72 x 48 cm

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