Lot 748. Cover Cup with the portrait of August III.

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Lot 748 | Cover Cup with the portrait of August III.
A cylindrical body with a bent Handle. Bulging lid with plastic knob in the Form of a Laurel wreath. Cobalt Blue Fond. On the face side, and the lid gold radiertes, oval medallion with portrait of Friedrich August II, elector of Saxony and king of Poland as August III, and the Augustus Rex monogram AR in the ligature. In the in-depth level bekröntes, of the sheet-framed Alliance coat-of-arms of Saxony-Poland tendrils of Lithuania. Very fine polychrome painting with rich, gold radiertem decor and gallery edge. Sceptre brand. H. 10 cm.Cf. KatalogPonert, Berlin Museum, 200.A lidded porcelain cup with portrait of Frederick Augustus II, Prince Elector of Saxony and as August III, King of Poland. Sceptre mark.KPM-Berlin. Around 1780 - 1790.

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