Lot 1069. Decoration vase with Höroldt-paintings

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Lot 1069Decoration vase with Höroldt-paintings
from the possession of August the Strong
Baluster-shaped body with a conically slightly flaring neck. Dome lid with stylized pine knob. On both sides of the wall and of the lid quatrefoil recessed reserves with ornamentierter framing on heavy yellow stock. Therein, so-called fan Chinese people in blooming, Asian Park landscape. Fine polychrome painting from the workshop of Johann Gregorius Höroldt. The neck width gold lace edging. Gold margins. On the floor the old auction label from Christie's. AR-brand. H. 28 cm.
Extremely finely crafted Augustus Rex Vase with colorful painting and rich gold ornament decor. At the request of Augustus the Strong after color primed porcelain Johann Gregorius Höroldt began to experiment in 1723, with color formulations for so-called Fund colors and Meissen objects. For example, he took the color design on Chinese Jingdezhen porcelain from the Royal porcelain collection of Augustus the Strong. The Yellow, which in China as an Imperial color which was not to be from the population used was also appreciated in the European courts.
Kat. Pietsch, no. 227ff.; Rückert, no. 362, 405f.
Provenance: Christie's, Geneva, 19. November 1988, Lot No. 108.
A splendid lidded vase with ¿subjects of Chinese` from the property of August the Strong, Elector of Saxony and King of Poland. Old Christie's auction label. AR mark.
Meissen. Around 1730.

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