Lot 1906. (Delisle, G. u. P.Buache.

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Lot 1906 | (Delisle, G. u. P.Buache.
(Delisle, G., u. P. Buache. Cartes et tables de la physique et naturelle... Paris (1770). Qu.Gr.Fol. With 26 mostly border colored, stamped cards, 9 Kupfertaf, 2 stamped plans, & 16 Falttab. Loads. Half-leather of the time (Rckn. with tear-out, rubbed, fl. u. best.).

Lex. to speed. the Cartography 120f. Cf. Phillips (edition of 1757). - "In 1752 appeared with Buaches famous Essai de géographie physique, the first attempt to explain the large-scale relief of the surface of the earth in its entirety. The 10 most important cards in his system, was b. in 1754, under the title Cartes et tables de la physique et naturelle new (new edition in 1757; after 1770 by J. A. Dezauche in 20 boards again, edited)" (Lex. for example, welded. d. Kartogr.). - Includes: world maps (3), maps of Europe, Asia, Africa, America (2), Italy (10), Dalmatia, Turkey (2), Dacien, Greece (2) Spain (2) and Portugal, as well as plans of Cadiz, among the Sierra Morena. - Tls. something fl., easy edge cracked. The Tab. some with creases and for some, partially dressed in red. Tears.

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