Lot 24. German Reich 1933-1945 estate of Lieutenant WERNER LIND,

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Lot 24German Reich 1933-1945 estate of Lieutenant WERNER LIND,
Adj. Jg. Btl. 7, consisting of medals and certificates with, among other things, the German cross in Gold, light version of the company Zimmermann of Pforzheim, on the underside of the needle 20, for this model, typical stamping errors at the gray halo at 11 o'clock, approx. 45,13 g. With a great award certificate from 21. In October of 1943, original signature of KEITEL. Provisional certificate of Possession of the German cross in Gold on 21. October 1943 Facsimile Signature Keitel. Typescript of the Jäger-battalion 7 with the proposal for the award of the German cross in Gold (justification and opinions). Close combat clasp in Gold, in silver and close combat clasp 1. Level in Bronze for 15 melee days, including the ownership certificate for this purpose from the 2. May 1943. Infantry assault badge, including the certificate of Possession from the 10. August 1941 (3-tray). Badge wounded in the Gold including ownership certificate dated 20. November 1943. Certificate of possession of the wounded badge in silver of 22. In February of 1943. Iron Cross 1. Class of 1939, including the award certificate from 19. October 1942 (a total of 4 staff, including 1 x curved, 2 x maker L/13). Iron Cross 2. Class of 1939, including the award certificate from the 29.6.1942. Ostmedaille, including the award certificate from the 16.7.1942. Commendation for the best services in physical exercises of the gymnasium and award Alfred-Maul-medal 1939. Certificate Of Participation-German Youth Festival In 1934. The EK 2. Class, the Ostmedaille and the protective wall of honour located at 3-buckle (defect, Ostmedaille loose). In addition, the protective wall of honour in the ceremony bag. Furthermore, congratulations as a long letter from General Gollwitzer Lieutenant letter on the occasion of the awarding of the German cross in Gold. On this occasion, a letter of congratulations from the officer corps jäger battalion 7. Confirmation certificate for such multiple melee days of 1943, the Jäger battalion 7, as well as another document with 19 melee days + 2 hand-written nachergänzten. A written command to the Lieutenant Lind. Note-book of a hunter Werner Lind born. Jäg. Ers. Batl. 99 rod 1939-1940, among other things, with the outline of the regiment, records of the March backup, etc., Pair of shoulder pieces. Dog brand. 5 different ribbons. Enclosed is a copy of the portrait photos, and more. Please visit! Preservation is very different

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