Lot 1922. Dieffenbach, J. F.

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Lot 1922 | Dieffenbach, J. F.
The cutting Through of the Tendons and muscles. Bln., Förstner 1841. With 20 lithogr. Taf. VI, 316 p. Mod. Hlwd. (Re-staked).
Hirsch/H. II, 264. Garrison-M. 4223. Waller 2448. Wellcome II, 466. First Edition. - By Stromeyer and his patients, Dr. J. Little excited, had Dieffenbach (1792-1847) is operating up to the publication of the present document, 120 crooked necks, 350 Talipes and 700 cross-eyed. The factory prepared the triumph of the subcutaneous orthopedics in Germany. Dieffenbach was the Director of the Charite in Berlin and is one of the founders of the plastic and be returned surgery. - Tls. slightly stained, title & inner lid with an orderly. Besitzverm.

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