Lot 1224. Dieffenbach-Rust, J.N.

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Lot 1224 | Dieffenbach-Rust, J.N.
Dieffenbach-Rust, J. N. Theoretical-practical manual of surgery, with the inclusion of the syphilitic and eye diseases; in alphabetical order. 17 volumes of the Berlin and Vienna, Robert, and Gerold 1830-1836. Lwdbde. the time with back plate (15) and Hldrbde. the time with back tag (Tls. Signs of wear).

The most comprehensive surgical compendium this time, "with the participation of an Association of Doctors and Wundärzten published". A separate tab is band well-developed. - The detailed historical introductions and the literary source of information to all the contributions make this work to Interested an indispensable work for every surgery history. - Among the major employees, among others, such famous surgeons as Ammon, Blasius, Dieffenbach, Heyfelder, Jüngken were, etc. Of Dieffenbach alone 32 salary come full contributions. - Up on the register tape (like Waller) complete copy. are particularly noteworthy: his contribution "Chirurgia curtorum" with 103 pages to the right as his first big completion of the contribution to plastic surgery.

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