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Lot 2087 | (Ebell, G.A.
The Bleyglasur of earthen kitchen-ware as an unrecognized major source of many of our diseases, and contributing to the decline of physical powers of the people, especially in the higher stands, out-of-court Interrogations, and other evidence dargethan). Hannover, Lamb Inger 1794. With Tvign stamped. on the Vort. u 2 Kupfertaf. 7 (instead of 8) Bl., 692 (recte 708) PP., 2 Bl. Pbd. the time with gilt-stamped spine labels. Rsch. (Rckn. browned, prod., Edges rubbed).
Blake 131. Engelmann 142 Note. Wellcome II, 509. Ferchl 138. First edition, With the Front of: the Bleyglasur our Töpferwaare. - Probably the earliest u. in-depth study of their art. Contains a historical Overview of the development of the lead glaze, as well as suggestions for improving some of the kitchen ware, description of lead-induced poisoning and diseases, their treatment, etc. - Tit. missing. Easy braunfl browned throughout. St. a. T.

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