Lot 92. EFREMOFF, Stephan Feodorovitch (1878-1942).

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Lot 92EFREMOFF, Stephan Feodorovitch (1878-1942).
Adresse de félicitations de la part du Conseil de l'union de la noblesse russe pour les 50 ans de service militaire du Général Arsène GOULEVITCH. 1935 Gouache, encre de Chine. 32,5 x 22,5 cm. Signée en bas au centre par les initiales en caractères cyrilliques, localisée Paris et datée 1935. EFREMOV, Stepan Fyodorovich (1878-1942) CONGRATULATORY ADDRESS by General-major A. A. GOULEVITCH to the 50th anniversary service for the military and the academic field from the Council of the Union of Russian noblemen. 1935 Gouache, Indian ink. 32,5 x 22,5 Paris, October 6, 1935 at the Bottom center with initials "S. H.". The coat of arms Goulevitch (Smolensk branch); "the coat of Arms of Novina". This arms was granted in 1121, cor. Boleslaw Krzywousty captain, who was a prisoner chained in one with Boleslaw the deck and to untie the cords, cut off his leg and thus freed the king. The emblem is known in the Grand Duchy of Liscom after the signing of the Union of Horodło in 1413 Signatures: 1) Trubetskoy, Vladimir Petrovich, Prince (1885-1954). The Captain Of The L. GV. Cossack regiment, and public figure. 2) Tenishev, Viacheslav V., Prince (1878-1959). Lawyer, public figure, collector; friend of the President of the Union of Russian. nobles. 3) Olsufiev Dmitry Adamovich, count (1862-1937). Lieutenant geologist, state,. and Church leader, Mason. 4) Neratov, Anatoly (1863-1938). Hofmeister, really. state Councilor and diplomat. 5) Mendeleev Pavel Pavlovich (1863-1951). Privy councillor, lawyer, Union of Rus guarantee. nobles. 6) Meshchersky Pyotr Nikolayevich, Prince (1869-1944). Colonel L. GV. Hussars. 7) Siloti, Sergei Sergeevich (1907-1992). Common. figure. 8) Savich James I. (1870-1949). Collegiate Registrar, financier, lawyer, Ls. figure. 9) Alekseyev, Grigori Aleksandrovich (1886-1961). Court counselor, Secretary and Manager of the Union of Russian. nobles. 10) Efremov, Stepan Fyodorovich (1878-1942). Leib-Cossack troops of the don, the titular counselor, an artist.

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