Lot 1691. Iron folding chair for field Mr (sella castrensis), Roman, 2. - 6. Century

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Lot 1691 | Iron folding chair for field Mr (sella castrensis), Roman, 2. - 6. Century
With Bronze/brass inlays of richly decorated folding chair, which is formed of two folding frame. The stand sides of each frame, and the upper corners have a rectangular profile, otherwise the pages are thickened rounded in cross-section and in the area of the hinge easily. At the top of the five-ring mounts for a continuous, four-edged iron rod for fixing the (supplemented, leather) seat. On the outer sides (with the exception of the stand sides) scraps of brass Ziertauschierung with shaft bands, herringbone patterns, and spirals. Intact with traces of usage and corrosion. Very good iron substance. Dimensions of the frame elements 40 x 63 cm. Seat height 48 cm. On a Augustan silver cups from Bosco Reale, and on a Relief of the arch of Constantine, comparable folding chairs as the seat you are shown the opportunity of the Emperor and generals, which is why you referred to this type as a sella castrensis. The Legion is the site of Carnuntum, an allocation is close to the military, but folding chairs are contexts from the civil Settlement from the late antique graves of members of the upper class of Roman Federates became known. Cf. to a similar chair in the Grazer Landesmuseum Joanneum the essay of Susanne Stöckl, An iron folding chair of the migration period in the Landesmuseum Joanneum, sign of Steier 20, 2007, p. 27 - 42. Provenance: In Carnuntum/Bad Deutsch-Altenburg in the 1. Half of the 20th century. Century. in the course of field found by a local farmer. From the Finder to the local priest passed on. In the Winter of 1959/60 to the grandfather of the consignor given away, as this fixed the local organ. Since then in family possession. Condition: II -

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