Lot 2820. Elephant.

Sold:€ 160
Auction date:13.05.2020   10:00 UTC +02:00
ID 315870
Lot 2820Elephant.
Elephant. Full-plastic, progressive animal plastic. India, red-brown hand carved hard wood. Inlaid leg to eyes and toes. 20. Century, Approx 51.5 x B. h. 25 x d 51.5 cm.

Head & back roller. with dry cracks. - : The Little elephant India wood-plastic one-piece carved with a floral feast of presentation in gold tones. 20. Century CA. 22,5 x W. 13 x D. 26 cm H..

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Auktionshaus Kiefer
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Auktionshaus Kiefer
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