Lot 5008. Enameled Powder Box

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Auction date: 24.02.2018   15:00 UTC +02:00
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Lot 5008 | Enameled Powder Box
Powder box, 800 silver, not plated, partial, 1900, dissolved hallmarked with the fineness and ovoider second counter (). Fine enamelled face side, with polychrome genre scene, in an engraved tail, factory mounted cartridge. The cover image on a Royal blue Background displays a courtly interior with a sitting group, at the table of a cardinal in a red robe, in a game of chess with a lady deepened, which seems to be the lady of the house of the rather feminine styled room. In addition to the players, a female and a male companion sitting at a table. By the posture of the Central figure of the cardinal, the, supported the head in the Hand, the warp of the mouth, indicated the Superiority of the lady, who is just on and a figure moved. The scene wins by charming Details such as the pompous furnishings of the room with a floral carpet, wall coverings, and a tiger skin. In addition to the round cells of the discarded cardinal sits on a side table shut. Partially slight scratch traces, inside traces of age, approximately 8.5 x 8.2 cm.

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