Lot 2149. Results of a mathematical Colloquium.

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Lot 2149 | Results of a mathematical Colloquium.
with the cooperation of Kurt Gödel and Georg Nöbeling Menger published by Karl. Folders 1-5 and 7 (v. 8). Lpz. and Bln., Teubner 1931-33 u. Lpz. u. Wien, Deuticke 1936. Original signature in mod. Pp.-Cassette. (Staples a little rusty, tls. kl. Rd.-Tears, a little browned, H. 1: with kl. Tear-out on the Rckn. u Rd., H. 2: vord. Envelope lots, h. 7: corners creased, Rckn. with tear-out).
╔10 contributions of Gödel:╗ A special case of the decision problem of mathematical logic. / About completeness and consistency. / A property of the realizations of the statement calculus. / About-regardless keitsbeweis in the statement calculus. The metric Embeddability of quadruples of R 3 in spherical surfaces. The forest ash axiomatization of the intermediate term. / The intuition arithmetic-tier and number theory. / A Interpretation of the intuition of statement calculus rules of the universe. / To the intuition of statement calculus, rules of the universe./ Remark about projective figures. / Gödel/Menger/forest: discussion of coordinates, loose differential geomerie. - ╔, As well as further contributions from:╗ Karl Menger, 21; H. Hornich 2; G. Nöbeling 16; W. L. Ayres, 3; G. T. Whyburn 3; Olga Taussky 3; Parry 2; Borsuk 2; A. forest, 10; Beer 2; slim 2;Mimura 2; Evans; scribe; Helne Reschovsky; M. M. Biedermann; Gustav Bergmann; Karl Vanek; Laura Klanffer; Mazurkiewicz; Alt; Otto; Flores. - ╔Issue 7: With important contributions╗ of Eduard Cech, Karl Menger, Alfred Tarski and Kurt Gödel, the contribution "On the length of proofs", one of the foundations of modern programming languages. - These results are among the most important source works of the scientific and intellectual history of the inter-war period, with groundbreaking contributions.

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