Lot 1473. Erika DISPUTE (1910-2011)

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Lot 1473Erika DISPUTE (1910-2011)
Erika DISPUTE (1910-2011)
Female Motives
Mixed lot of 5 graphics, each 7/60 in pencil signed
Various Grvssen of 16 x 12 cm to 21 x 15 cm

Erika strife: a painter and Illustrator. Born on 1.3.1910 in bvhmischen Schwaz-Kutterschitz, died on 2.6.2011 in Kilchberg (ZH). 1927-29 arts and crafts school in Dresden 1930-33 Academy of arts in Dresden, from 1931, teaching at Otto Dix; in September 1933, a visit with Ernst Ludwig Kirchner in Davos. In 1934, for some time private schölerin of Otto Dix. Between 1934 and 1938, four stays in Paris and studies at various academies. Acquaintance with Cuno Amiet, and the painter Heini Waser. 1937 visit to Aristide Maillol. 1938 Röckkehr to Dresden. 1942/43 visit to the state school for ceramics in Bad Teplitz-Schvnau. 1943 Öbersiedlung in Switzerland, since then, in Kilchberg (ZH) ansdssig. From the mid-1960s, Beschdftigung with low pressure and bees wax drawings. 1994 honorary member of the Fvrdervereins Otto-Dix-house-Hemmenhofen. 1995 grvssere donation of his own works to the art collection Gera. 2001 Gröndung of the Erika, dispute Foundation in Zörich with Erika dispute as-President. (Source: SIKART)

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