Lot 0576. Estate of the mayor of the city of Leipzig.

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Lot 0576Estate of the mayor of the city of Leipzig.
1.) Golden party NSDAP, Great execution, GES badges.. DESCHLER & SOHN, MÜNCHEN 9 marked, needle punched member number 1181, 2 is missing.) General Gau honour in 1925, silver 800 hallmarked, partially enamelled, of the following documents:
- Appointment to the professional mayor (letter paper, Leizpig, 4.9.34, and Original signature of the Lord mayor Goerdeler),
- Letter of thanks for the representation (letter paper, Leipzig, 21.8.36, and Original signature of the Lord mayor Goerdeler),
- Letter of condolence by the gymnastics club (Leipzig, 4.12.34, OU),
- 2 photos of his wedding, the SA greets the trellis,
Card to commemorate the service of the comrades Eisner - the nephew of Klara Zetkin born. Eisner,
- A Birthday Card.

Haake was already in 1922, a member of the NSDAP and after the repeal of prohibition, he joined the 1.4.1925 with the member number 1181 again in the party. He broke off after two semesters of study at the commercial College in Leipzig in 1929 to devote himself to party work. He founded the local branch of the NSDAP in Kelbra, and was the Assembly speaker in the whole of Saxony. From 1928 he was in Borna, the party leader, and two years later, then circle-district Manager. In addition to the office as the editor-in-chief of the Nazi daily newspaper, "The fight for freedom," he was from 1932, first Circle trainers in the circle of Leipzig, and thereafter, group chief officer for community policy. In the NSDAP, he took over the office of the managing Director of the city of Leipzig. In may 1935 he was installed, he had first of all to the volunteer mayor, which office as of January already, I swear. In 1936, he left the Mendelssohn monument to tear down what's led to Controversy with the mayor. In the result, he should übernhmen this post twice, I swear, until he was then in 1943, the main work area leader, and speaker of the Nazi party in Lithuania. Due to an Eye condition he came back almost blindly in his home Kelbra and opened on the 12. April 1945, the town hall, the fire on the advancing American troops, he was killed.

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