Lot 841. Eugen JORDI (1894-1983)

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Lot 841 | Eugen JORDI (1894-1983)
Eugen JORDI (1894-1983)
Man with Schirmmötze and cigar
Wood-cut, with pencil 47/100, signed
Sheet: 47 x 31 cm

Eugen Jordi: graphic artist, typographer, painter and wood sculptor. Born on 3.4.1894 in Bern, died on 13.11.1983 in Zörich. The apprenticeship as a decoration painter, he breaks off and enters in Belp, where he grew up, in the vdterliche printing. 1915-16 training in graphics at the Mönchner teaching werkstdtten as Schöler, Hans Cornelius, Emil Preetorius, and Paul Renner. 1921 Öbernahme of the family business with his brother Emil. In 1927, he ldsst cashed out and moved to Kehrsatz, working as a printer and Retoucher, but as selfemployed-employed graphic artist. In 1931, its first postage stamps (Pro Juventute) in circulation, in 1934, he signed the first of Marche Countryside, Switzerland. For the publishing house Paul Haupt, he designed between 1941 and 1972, almost all of the Umschldge the Bern home new books. 1946-62 teacher at the art school of Bern for Designing, writing and lithography. In close Association with Emil Zbinden and Rudolf Mumprecht malt, and 1951-53 the power plants of Grimsel, 1958-59 he takes with Zbinden the construction of the dam of Albigna in the Bergell valley. In the last two decades of his life mainly as a painter tdtig.

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