Lot 68. Fine antique Senneh silk games

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Lot 68 | Fine antique Senneh silk games
West Persia, circa 1880200 x 126 cmIn all aspects, it is a Macramé of the highest provenance that are typical in a quality class. Starting from the well-preserved Web, and braiding the financial statements of the upper and lower edge, on the very well-preserved silk Schirasi, right up to the very attractive green color in the contour of the elegant Boteh motifs in the field of this exquisite Sennehs. The ivory white box is in contrasting manner with the Boteh motifs in horizontal rows offset by patterned. All of the Boteh-tops from hitting to the right side. The dark basis of motif-core is filled with small buds and flowers, so that also in this Detail of the character is not interrupted in the end-to-end pattern. It is the same with the scattered flowers that spread, in the same scale as the flowers in the core of the Botehs, on the bright Fund, a fine Tendril of the in-between spaces: a very nice pattern effect, thanks to the quality and cut short wool is particularly good in his colors. Slim floral tendrils on a light background in the side braid, the expression accompany the strong, black basis the main border with a Heratimuster. Small are games in the pile of the main border. The atmosphere is staged, so to speak, in the opposite sense to the field concept, so that the rear appear dark, and the accents light. This Macramé is a true collector piece decorative, craft, and haptic sovereignty.provenance: From the private collection of Abdi Roubeni, Hamburg. - Cf. Erwin Gans-Ruedin, The Persian carpet, Munich 1978, p. 256-257; in particular, a great Similarity, however, with a historically documented comparison of the pieces in Peter Bausback in the anniversary catalogue for the exhibition on the occasion of the 50th anniversary, Mannheim 1975, p. 266-267. - Excellent State Of Preservation.

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