Lot 240. Fememord-acquittal of the upper of the "Black Reichswehr Lieutenant"

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Lot 240Fememord-acquittal of the upper of the "Black Reichswehr Lieutenant"
Fememord-acquittal of the upper of the "Black Reichswehr" eckermann by Adolf Hitler and the Reich Minister of justice Dr. gardener Lieutenant.
Business stationery of the Reich Minister of justice, folded, issued Berlin, the 28. November, 1935, by hand. Autographs of Adolf Hitler and Dr. gardener.

Eckermann was in 1923, as a Lieutenant of the Black Reichswehr in Bremen and was involved as a conspirator in the murder of Willy Legner. In the same year, he was in Schwerin, the office of the Black Reichswehr and was the mastermind in the murder of Fritz Beyer. So this was on 15. In December 1923 by Mr. Boldt with two shots in the back of the head murdered and the next day buried. The upper realm lawyer at the end of December an investigation against eckermann because of secret bündelei a - the have been set but opened in 1924. In the case of Beyer on 23. November, 1925 the beginning of the trial of this last Fememordes in Germany - up to Eckermann of the instigators accused was to have been presented to all of the other defendants in court. Eckermann was to that point already volatile. In March 1928 he was arrested in Guatemala and an extradition request by the government of the Reich. This was approved by the Guatemalan Council of state is initially negative, as it is a political crime. As a result of further correspondence, the government in Guatemala city could be wrested from the delivery - after from the German side, the commitment was made, it will not be enforced in the event of a condemnation to death for the death penalty. He met at 15. July 1929 in Schwerin in prison - however, since only two days later, the five convicted Fememörder were pardoned the magazine ran the headline: "Forward", your Conviction that Eckermann would not happen. After legal verklausulierten setting was also the official acquittal. After the Revision from the 3. October has been entered by the mecklenburg-Schwerin's Minister of justice. criminal division overturned the verdict on the 3. April 1930 on, however, an Amnesty was made in the same year. And the reason was that of mecklenburg-Schwerin side of the envoy in Berlin, a rich Amnesty encouraged, because it was not sure, in how far a process of the Rhine-Ruhr struggle in terms of instructions and commands-to the fore, which would not be absorbed by the current function-makers in politics and society positively. In 1935 he received this Letter, which informed Him again of the impunity of his offense, but it can also positively evaluated. A long and quiet life should not be however, as the analysis - he was a gem. Paragraph 175 of the penal code arrested because of his homosexuality by the Gestapo. After he had obtained a day's leave to arrange his personal circumstances, he was found the next day shot to death in his car.
See also: Nagel, Irmela: Fememorde and fememord processes in the Weimar Republic. Historical papers, no. 36 appeared in: Köhner. Bählau Verlag, Köln & Wien, 1991.
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