Lot 610. Ferdinand Preiss

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Lot 610Ferdinand Preiss
(1882 Erbach - 1943 Berlin) "Aphrodite". Original title Bronze, gold plated; ivory, carved; rosé marble base. Signature; monogram stamp of Preiss & Kassler, Berlin. On a round base, standing, to the right the bottom view of the end of Aphrodite, the left half of the body covered with a cloth, and her left knee is based on a tree stump. Delightful, the Detail finely executed, subject and style are typical Chryselephantine Statuette of the sculptor. In 1907, founded the Fa. Preiss & Kassler in Berlin, formed after the models of Preiss, inter alia, dancers, as well as act and children's characters from elaborately worked ivory in combination with gold-plated, refined, patinated and painted Bronze on Onyx or marble bases. Ges.-H. 21.8 cm. Cf. Reto Niggl: "Bronze-ivory statuettes of the modern era", in the "Antiquitäten-Zeitung", figure of 248; ibid.: "Preiss & Kassler, Berlin", "Antiqitäten-Zeitung", No. 22, 1988, p. 658ff., Fig 1. Apply bronze and carved ivory figure on marble base. Signed, monogram stamp by Preiss & Kassler, Berlin.

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