Lot 160. Flemish Artist, 17th c

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Lot 160 | Flemish Artist, 17th c
Flemish Artist, 17th c. Adoration of the Magi Oil / Stone, Diameter: 28 cm (Frame: 48 x 48 cm) At the frame the famous artist Raphael (1483-1520) is declared as the creator of the painting. From a historical view this attribution is interesting, because in the late 19th c. it was in vogue to have a Raphael-Madonna in one`s collection. Many paintings of a Madonna had been declared by art dealers to a Raphael-Madonna. The same happened with this flemish painting. Verso is a label which indicates that the painting was in the collection of the last \Prince Cardinal Archbishop of Strassbourg\". Like the attribution to Raphael it is also possible that the provenance should increase the reputation of the collector. Provenance: Swiss Private Collection"""

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