Lot 297. Aviator-Self-Charging-Karabiner15 (Mondragon)

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Lot 297Aviator-Self-Charging-Karabiner15 (Mondragon)
Caliber 7x57, no. 1008, Bright barrel, length 63.5 cm, main parts of the number are the same, fittings and small parts without a number. Not bombardment certification for collectors. Browning of run, System, and trigger plate with the magazine nearly complete, keypads, and the rotary cylinder-locking pieces of white polished. Sight is designed as a Flap under the visor with a classification of 400 to 2000m. Ten Shot Box Magazine. Gas pressure loader with capability of switching of the Gas, so that the weapon works as a bolt-action rifle. Shaft made of walnut wood, with the usual signs of wear, no major dings or cracks, looks unnumbered, cap with an iron piston. Length of the karabiner, total 116 cm. The weapon is a rarity of the first order, manufactured by the SIG company in Neuhausen as a model in 1908, in a quantity of ca 4000. It was but only delivered a small share of ca 400 pieces to the Client in Mexico, the revolution and the turmoil of, or non-payment, which prevented the delivery of the rest of the guns. The remaining weapons were bought at the beginning of the first world war, mostly by the German Empire, and to the arming of the aircraft and balloon crews inflated. Was modified the carabiner by Attaching a securing screw for the housing cap, a further screw on the shift lever of the Gas (prevents accidental switching on repeater function) as well as the installation of a rectangular, grooved release button lock the load lever. The most obvious addition was the extra-crafted, 30-shot drum magazine that could be put in after acceptance of the box lid with a Shuttle (similar to model 98) is attached. Through these modifications, it was loading from the model in 1908, the pilot's self-carabiner M15 Mondragon. The model 1908 existing three-line inscription on the upper part of the housing and the Mexican national coat of arms on the sleeve of the head are not (or no longer) available. Typical for the English to invoke the weapons is also a numbering of the shaft to the left of the box magazine, here is the number "81.65" was. The weapon was not asked due to the strong susceptibility to interference. The armament of the aircraft with machine guns made the rifle finally, from mid-1917 obsolete. Condition: I - II

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