Lot 13. Nobel peace prize winner ALBERT SCHWEITZER (1875-1965),

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Lot 13Nobel peace prize winner ALBERT SCHWEITZER (1875-1965),
Discount from the provenance of its Secretary, EMMY MARTIN, with approximately 70 letters and 25 post cards, 7 notebooks, some signed photos or prints and stamps, a bust of Schweitzer by Prof. Fritz Behn, the correspondence with the artist about the job of a Statue in Günsbach to be placed after his death, the record of his Nobel lecture of 1954, part I, German edition, records with the of Schweitzer played works by Johann Sebastian Bach, books, and more. Of letters and post-cards are included, among other things: Numerous letters to Emmy Martin (mostly in French), including its Declaration of sole ownership of all his letters and manuscripts, the wife of Emmy Martin owns (1931), and, concerning money contributions to Emmy Martin (1933), some of the letters to Dr. Hans Martin, correspondence with Berta Schleicher (especially postcards), from that, a duplicate of your speech to 90. The birthday of Albert Schweitzer is available. In addition, the estate includes a report Schweitzer about the encounter with Rudolf Steiner in 1922, and his article of 1921 on Rosa Luxemburg's thoughts in the prison. Worth mentioning is the copy of a letter in French to Queen Elizabeth II In the reduction of the numerous images that represent the life of Albert Schweitzer in Lambarene with the Locals and his colleagues found. Other photos show him Writing his writings, as a thinker, or to the organ play, as well as with his assistant, Emmy Martin, often with dedication. Some of the photos show him at the encounter with Schopenhauer, with Queen Elisabeth of Belgium or with the Japanese doctor, Dr. Isao Takahashi. Recordings in Frankfurt (Goethe award) are also available. A woman Erica Anderson from New York is mentioned in the back pages of some of the pictures as a photographer. In addition, a member included badge for the Albert-Schweitzer-Federal with Emmy Martin as an honorary member. We ask you to visit this discount in detail.

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