Lot 2211. G(allan)d, A.

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Lot 2211 | G(allan)d, A.
Travel to Egypt, and remarks on different items during the three-year stay of the French army in this country, 1798-1801. In Weimar in 1804. With stamped Faltkte.
╔In: Volney,C.F.de.╗ Voyage en Syrie et en Egypte, pendant les annäes 1783, 1784 et 1785. Nouv. ed. Bde. 1-2 (of 3). O. O. u. Dr. 1792. With 2 gefalt. Kupferktn. - Tobler 135. Cf. Cox I, 235. - Early edition, probably a reprint. ╔Perrot,G. et C. Chipiez.╗ Histoire de l'art dans l'Antique. Bd.1 (10): L'egypte. Paris, 1882. With 616 figure in the Text, and Taf. Magnificent red Hldr. with rich Rverg. - EA. - ╔(Tilt,C.)╗ The boat and the Caravan a family tour through Egypt, Palestine u. Syria. After the 5.A... Lpz. 1860. - Tls. Signs of wear

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