Lot 281. GAULLI, GIOVANNI BATTISTA 1639 Genua - 1709 Rom

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Lot 281GAULLI, GIOVANNI BATTISTA 1639 Genua - 1709 Rom
The Hl. Franz Xaver in glory Oil on canvas. 32.8 x 67 cm. Doubled. Restored. Afford frame. Giovanni Battista Gaulli gen. il Baciccia (Baciccio), developed under the influence and the steady promotion of Gianlorenzo Bernini's one of the most important Roman fresco painters of the second half of the 17th century. Century. In addition, he shall apply, in addition to Carlo Maratti as the outstanding painter of altar paintings, gallery of paintings and portraits. In terms of the colourways of his Work Gaulli is considered to be second to none. His main work in the area of the Church's ceiling decoration is the decoration of Il Gesu, the mother Church of the Jesuits. In 1685 this was completed after thirteen years of work. Giovanni Battista Gaulli has prepared for his compositions not only by drawings but also by Bozzetti (oil sketches) and a detailed engineered Modeling. Over 50 of these Works have survived, far more than of any other Roman Baroque painter. According to the latest research (Petrucci, p. u.) is the present Bozzetto a draft Gaullis for the ceiling of the Cappella di San Francesco Saverio in Sant'Andrea al Quirinale in Rome painting. In the erroneous assumption that the Displayed part of the Jesuits, the Saint is identified as the order's founder, Ignatius of Loyola, had been published the design in 1964 for the first time by Rolf Kultzen and in connection with the design of Il Gesù. In 1704, Giovanni Battista Gaulli received the order, the two side altar paintings and ceiling fresco for the Hl. To create the Franz Xaver chapel dedicated to Sant'Andrea al Quirinale, by Bernini, built in the novitiate Church of the Jesuits. Already in 1676, he had a painting for the altar is "The death of the Hl. Franz Xaver". There was, however, not to the execution of the ceiling fresco, this was only in 1746 by Filippo Bracci - in a clear orientation to Gaullis design is created. In 1996, published by Maurizio Fagiolo dell'Arco and Rossella Pantanella (p. u.) two inventory entries, suggesting that the draft as "Un bozzetto di S. Francesco Saverio portato in gloria" probably could have found 1761 owned by Giulio Gaullis (the son of the artist), and as "S. Fran.co Saverio in Gloria" apparently even in 1776, it was mentioned in the inventory of Marianna Tuffeni Gaulli in the Palazzo Gaulli. Literature: Fagiolo dell'arco, Maurizio / Pantanella, Rossella, Museo Baciccio. In margine a quattro inventory inediti. Rome, 1996, No. 40-41, P. 119. - Petrucci, Francesco, Giovan Battista Gaulli 1639-1709. Rome 2009, p. 507, CR. no. B 33 (with ill.). With the extensive secondary literature. Provenance: Possibly by the end of 1776 in the possession of the descendants of the artist. - Philipp Hermann, Karlsruhe, Germany. - South German Private Collection.

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