Lot 16. Gautama Buddha with his two disciples Shariputra and Moghallana

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Lot 16 | Gautama Buddha with his two disciples Shariputra and Moghallana
TIBET, 17./18. Century
This worship thangka was designed for a large-scale monastery room. It shows the historical Buddha in his traditional representation accompanied by his two favorite disciples Shariputra and Moghallana. The Buddha sits are placed on a Lotus-Altar in front of the many offerings. A long span of honor screen is located above the Buddha, and the rich foliage of peony blossoms surrounded him. Countless representations of the Buddha of the Five wisdoms of the Tathagata in their iconographic colors, are grouped in rows around the Central figure. The reproduction of Buddha and other deities, reminiscent of Buddhist cave temples in China, in which these Buddha-fields are carved into the tufa and the walls are decorated. These miniature reproductions symbolize in many ways the deepening of Mediation, similar to the constant repetition of the prayers in the Rosary, or of the constant rotation of the "prayer wheels", the multiplication of the worship of the deity, and the accumulation of its own merits. Tempera on cotton fabric (repeatedly encountered), brocade mount, late addition.

Smaller Alterssch., Abrasions

106 x 87(153 x 132)

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