Lot 2556. Geramb,F.

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Lot 2556Geramb,F.
Geramb,F. Habsburg, a poem of his K. K. Majesty Franz II in the case of adoption of the Austrian hereditary Emperor, would all unterthaenigst the course is suitable. With gestoch. Title & Titelvign. & 20 gestoch. Vignette (v. Ludwig Ferdinand Schnorr v. Carol field). O. O. u. J. (Vienna, 1804). Folio. 16 unn. LVS. Original cardboard band m. ornamental u. figurative gestoch. Ornaments u. dreis. Goldschn.

Goed. VII, 117,1; Wurzbach V, 146. - Not in the case of Kosh, Rümann u. von Eynern. - First edition of the splendid work (later, a Turkish u. appeared to be a simple octave - output). - The production costs would have amounted to 20,000 Gulden! The lovely vignettes illustrate the key moments from the lives of significant members of the house of Habsburg, and come v. the then sixteen-year-old Illustrator of "Undine". Since Rümann unknown, likely to be his first illustration work. - Some foxing Einbd. slightly rubbed cover slightly.

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