Lot 504. Gerhard Marcks

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Lot 504 | Gerhard Marcks
(1889 Berlin - 1981 Burgbrohl/Eifel)"Alwine". Original title bronze, dark brown patina, 1980. Artist-Signet ("Phoenix"), numbered 5/10, foundry stamp "GUSS BARTH RINTELN". CR. Hartog 1162. On an elevated, square-shaped plinth in a light double post-act of a young woman with a bent left Arm and shoulder of long standing, behind the ears, defined hair. The Statue is one of the last works of renowned modern artist, the figurative art of sculpture in Germany in the 20th century. Century, heavily influenced and died in the year after that. In their subtle, sublime, and at the same time, subdued expression that is reminiscent of early Greek Koren, it is the end of his Oeuvre, and a later reverberation of the first Greece-experience of 1928. On this Marcks had experienced, in particular, the archaic Greek art as a significantly influential. Marcks had 1919-1925 as a master at the Bauhaus, 1925-1933 at the progressive art school Burg Giebichenstein in Halle/Saale; in the "third Reich," he had to apply to the experience as "degenerate" and in 1937, were seized in 24 of his sculptures, the world war II and the turmoil thereafter, his Studio and much of his Oeuvre, were destroyed. The dictum of the postwar art, only the Abstract apply, he opposed his human figures. In particular, female Nudes with still, unpathetischem expression are a Central focus in his Oeuvre. H. 95,5 cm.Dark brown patinated bronze, 1980. Artists sign and foundry stamp, numbered 5/10.

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