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"GERHARD RICHTER 1932 Dresden - lives and works in Cologne and Düsseldorf TRILOGY - VERMALUNGEN GREY Oil on a white plastic paper, with fingers and blended. Each 39.5 x 39.5 cm. A copy of the back side signed and dated stamped 'G. Richter 1971' as well as the back with copy numbers'52/150', '99/150', '122/150'. Verso: an old Museum label gerhard richter provided'; without color | without color; the museum franz gertsch; Burgdorf/ CH; 05.02.-08.05.05'. Behind glass, framed. "Grey is a color, and sometimes it is to me the most Important thing." (Gerhard Richter in an Interview with the German newspaper, Stuttgart, 1972) Gerhard Richter, one of the most important artists of our time, omitted in the majority - and in particular in his early works, including his Vermalungen in grey counted in what seems to be the painting since the beginning: The Multicolor color. However, he assigns the color grey are of Central importance: their monochrome reduces any emotional perception to a Minimum and produces a certain Position of the distancing. Judges themselves emphasized the neutral function of color is as follows: "in grey. It makes no statement whatever; it evokes neither feelings nor associations [...]. And it is suitable like no other color, 'to illustrate' nothing'. Grey is the welcome and only possible equivalent for indifference, noncommitment, absence of Opinion, absence of Shape." (Gerhard Richter in a letter to Edy de Wilde, 23.2.1975) he takes up the principle of monochrome, always different, by varying, among other things, in the choice of the color matter and paint application. Gerhard Richter has distributed its shown here trilogy of his Vermalungen in grey, which reflect a high degree of abstract painting, liquid color matter of the Oil with his fingers on the sheets, whereby, directly to the artist and his works producing Hand, is referred to. Thus, specimens with a complex maze of cars similar linkages and irregular gray Color - which just this unique exemplary character will be awarded. Literature: Players, Reinhard (Hrsg.): Gerhard Richter. Without The Color. Without Color. Museum Franz Gertsch, 2005, P. 66/67. Provenance: Collection Of Nicolina Pon."

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