Lot 546. Gift carafe of the king of Bavaria,

Starting price: € 300
Auction date: 13.04.2019   15:00 UTC +01:00
ID 180492
Lot 546 | Gift carafe of the king of Bavaria,
Henkel carafe made of clear glass, cut bekröntes kurbayer Spanish coat-of-arms. Height 31cm. The lid is silver, decorated with floral engraving, interior gilding, incorporated in a coat of arms Taler king Maximilian III Joseph in 1754. Here, from the possession of Frey, Lord of the schleitheim officer of S. K. H. the Prince Otto of Bavaria to accompany.
■ Condition I-II

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Auktionshaus Carsten Zeige
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Auktionshaus Carsten Zeige
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