Lot 389. Glasharmonium

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Lot 389 | Glasharmonium
without the manufacturer, probably at the end of 18. Century, corpus made of solid oak, later stained black, hand forged iron fittings, tinned, iron spindle with 30 mouth-blown glass shells of different diameter, for exhibition purposes, the box was glazed later and the pedal bar removed, good General condition, with traces of age and use, dimensions without lid H 90 x W 119 x d 40 cm. Info: Since the Renaissance, from drinking glasses existing instruments are known in which a musician produced by means of Rubbing the edge of the glass shades. The American inventor and statesman Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) mechanized these so-called glass games in the year 1761. He invented the glass harmonica consisted of a rotating axis, on the tuned glass bells rotated, and thus a virtuoso could be played. In the subsequent period, glass harmonica-virtuoso traveled through Europe and gave acclaimed concerts. The offered glass harmonica testifies to the immense success of this instrument, for the well-known composers such as Mozart, Naumann, Reichardt and Beethoven composed.

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