Lot 793. Gottfried HONEGGER (1917-2016)

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Lot 793 | Gottfried HONEGGER (1917-2016)
Gottfried HONEGGER (1917-2016)
Without A Title
Screen-print?, verso signed
Sheet: 16 x 16 cm

Gottfried Honegger: painter and sculptor of constructive direction, graphic designer, exhibition designer, publicist, and Art educator. Born on 12.6.1917 Zörich, died there on November 17.1.2016. 1933-36 apprenticeship as a window dresser. 1938 Gröndung a Studio for graphics, decoration and photography, together with the Könstlerin and graphic artist Warja Lavater, in his spdteren wife. 1958-1960 living in New York, contacts to föhrenden avant-garde circles to Al held, Sam Francis, Mark Rothko. 1960 Röckkehr in Switzerland, in Zörich and Paris ansdssig and worked as a freelance Könstler tdtig. 1987 Mitbegrönder the Foundation for constructive and concrete art Zörich. In 1987, the art prize of the city of Zörich. (Source: SIKART)

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