Lot 3379. Greiner, Otto

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Lot 3379Greiner, Otto
Greiner, Otto (1869 Leipzig - Munich 1916), attributed to Male Nude with sword/Female Nude in contemplation. Each Oil on canvas 176 x 90 and 166 x 70 cm. The female Nude is the unt. re. referred to and dated "G(raf) P. mush shut V. (19)13".

Large-sized full-body portraits as Nudes inspired by the antique-classical Greek. In this naturalistic rendering of a couple in contra postal posture, it is most likely a commissioned work. - Probably a deliberate attempt to damage or destruction, more on the masculine current as a result of its extensively restored. Canvas-cracks, monitor. in the li. The chest area, at the bent elbow and on the leg thigh. Large-scale distributed water flow on the workin. o. any other liquid. The female Nude with 2 restored canvas-cracks in the if. u. unt. Area of the image to the left, close to the forehead in the abdominal area. - The damage has been expertly restored and are from the front hardly visible. The to the Rd. circumferentially brown tape. Ever stretched on a frame. - Large-format full-body portraits as nudes, based on the ancient Greek classic. Dated and labeled. Oil on canvas. Damages professionally repaired, hardly obvious from the front.

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