Lot 752. Large lidded vase with Kakiemon decor

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Lot 752 | Large lidded vase with Kakiemon decor
for the month of August the Strong, elector of Saxony and king of Poland.
unextended round base baluster-shaped body with a rounded shoulder. High domed lid with pine knob. On the wall look side, large-scale representation of a chrysanthemum Bush with blooming Indian flowers in the kakiemon style. Above the seat at the end of locust. Rear flower branch on the exotic bird. Polychrome painting in red, purple, enamel blue, moss green, sea Green, Yellow, brown and Black, Gold accented. The Form Of Brand Georg Kittel. AR-brand. H. 36.5 cm. porcelain of the Meissen manufactory, which carry the mark "AR" (Augustus Rex) in under glaze blue, are built for August the Strong made. These were part of his private collection or used as gift for international princes and Royal houses and high-ranking personalities.
See. Rückert, Biographical Data, P. 117.
See. Pietsch, Triumph of the swords, cat.No. 94.
A large lidded Baluster vase with Kakiemon decor for August the Strong, Elector of Saxony and King of Poland. The 'AR'mark.
Meissen. Around 1730.

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