Lot 1303. Large important silver goblet of Martin Kanai

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Lot 1303 | Large important silver goblet of Martin Kanai
Large important silver goblet of Martin Kanai, Transylvania, Sibiu (Nagyszeben), probably Martinus Lekes (master, 1568), dat. 1564 silver, partly gold-plated. Round Stand. From the Fußrand the wall tapers initially, and spreading above the middle. On the gilded edge of the lips is a circumferential inscription engraved in Hungarian, "EN KANAI MARTON IELTEM AZ NAGY SAGOS PERENY JANOS U TAN" (I, Martin Kanai, lived according to the Reverend John Perenyi). The upper part of the wall adorned with two engraved plates of arms: one with the inscription "EZ POHART IN 1564" (made in 1564), and one with the initials "LM" (probably the initials of the goldsmith). H. 20 cm; 499 g initials comparisons of E. Köszeghy no. 1320 (The Absence of the master character is probably explained by the fact that goldsmith Martinus Lekes was only appointed in 1568, and thus, four years after the making of the Cup to the master). With the opinion of Prof. Dr. Ernst-Ludwig Richter. John Perenyi refers to an old Hungarian noble family, resided in the castle of Nyalab in the North of Hungary. The gender of the Perenyi came from a lot of well-known would be war-makers around the time of the Hungarian Turks of the 15th century. and 16. Century John Perenyi was a son of the Palatine Imre Perenyi. He was the Royal Treasurer and a member of the prestigious Aragon for the order of the Emperor Sigismund and Frederick III heard Can. Kanai refers to a noble family who lived in Iclanzel. Iclanzel (out of date Iclandul Mic; Hungarian Kisikland or Panit) is a municipality in the district of Mures, in the Transylvania Region in Romania. The place is also under the outdated names Iclanzal and Iclanzelul known. A Martin Kanai is mentioned in 1552, and could, therefore, be the owner of the Cup. Martin Kanai saw Perenyi, apparently, as a model. Provenance: Austrian Noble Family, 20. Century.

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