Lot 1034. Large Coffee Service, Meissen Scattered Flowers (63 Parts)

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Auction date: 24.02.2018   15:00 UTC +02:00
ID 36777
Lot 1034 | Large Coffee Service, Meissen Scattered Flowers (63 Parts)
Coffee Service Meissen for 18 people, scattered floral pattern with gold edge. Up to a Cup all of the parts first choice, different brands, many parts of the Pfeiffer-period 1924-1934, otherwise the knob swords (1850-1924) and the second half of the 20th century. Century. Existed diameter: two coffee pots (height: CA. 24 cm and 26.5 cm), two milk jug (H: approx. 13 cm and 16 cm), two sugar-boxes (H: approx 6.7 cm and 12 cm, one with a purple edge), a large gefußte cake plate (Pfeiffer-period, first choice, H: 12 cm, diameter: approx. 33 cm), a round pie plate (Pfeiffer-period, first choice, diameter: approx. 32 cm), a small sweets bowls (diameter: CA. 8 cm), 18 cake plates (diameter: about 17.5 cm), 18 cups (H: approx. 6,3 cm) with 18 saucers (diameter: approx. 14 cm). Five pieces of partially rubbed (including the spine, two coffee - pots on Nodus and spout minimum or restored).

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