Lot 3304. Box of copper.

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Auction date:13.05.2020   10:00
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Lot 3304Box of copper.
Box of copper. 6 (1 dplt.) box copper altkoloriert with österr. or Vienna views, in 1780. Qu.Fol.

The dangerous vortex... ( & ), a famous whirlpool in the river Danube in the evening, in Acad. Imp. Augsburg. - Vue d'un coté du Manège... a Vienne aux Fauxbourg St. Joseph, in Basset, Paris. - Vue de l'interieur du Palais du Prince Eugene, when Wichnyther, Ldn. u. Basset, Paris, 1766. - Vue du Jardin du Prince de Schwarzenberg.. vers le Palais, in the case of Mesard, Paris (2x, different. coloured). - Tls. Age and signs of wear

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