Lot 667. Günther Uecker

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Lot 667Günther Uecker
(Geb. In 1930, Wendorf, Mecklenburg. Based in Düsseldorf), "a Tree (art pillory), (19)84". Original title wood, glue, ash, nails, black color. Signature u. dat.; One of 35 Copies.; In the Oeuvre of the painter and object artist, coined as a member of the artist group "ZERO", the German art of the present, take his nail objects and images in a Central room. In 1956/57 the typical nail emerged for the first time, images: a three-dimensional, white-painted Reliefs made of nails, which is obtained by the orientation of the nails, and the interaction of light and shadow dynamic of their own. The use of the nail as a craft medium of the stitching, instrument and Symbol of violence and destruction caused primary a dynamic liberation of the screen from the two-dimensionality. This gives the art a tactile, object-like character, what is the rough structure and bark of the tree slice even further. 17cm x 17 cm x 5 cm. Literature, Dorothea and Martin van der Koelen, Günther Uecker Opus Liber. Directory of the bibliophile books and works 1960-2005, Mainz 2007, CR. L 8503. /P/ Provenance: Private Collection Rhineland. Wood, glue, ash, nails and black paint. Signed and dated 1984.

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