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Lot 2127 | (Chicken, J. F.).
The Geometry in tables verfaßet so that the theory put forward in mathematical Lehrart, and the practice, on paper and in the field, in clear specimens is gezeiget,... of 2 parts in 1 Vol. Bln., High school 1754-55. With 15 (of 16) gefalt. Kupfertaf. XXIV p., p. (3)-382, 1 Bl., 32 S. Hldr. the time (operation. u. best., whether. Chap. with Miss.).
Cf. Holzmann-b-II, 5985 (other edition). First Edition. - Rare-Geometry-Textbook. 32 p. (1754) with explanations of the Copper. - The Taf is missing. 15. Spotty, signs of use, title with kl. Miss. u Besitzverm. - ╔In the process: judges,A. D.╗ Textbook for schools faßlichen natural doctrine... 4. verm. u. verb. Edition Lpz. u. 1779 Bzdissin. With stamped Portrait-Front. u 5 figure 4 gefalt. Kupfertaf. Hldr. the time

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