Lot 7025. Necklace and bracelet of spindle-watches - clamp

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Auction date: 24.02.2018   15:00 UTC +02:00
ID 37012
Lot 7025 | Necklace and bracelet of spindle-watches - clamp
Each in brass (partly fire gilded) finely designed detail led, rich in decor-made clamps, which were processed to two jewelry chains. Earlier, the clamp found in pocket watches using as a bearing support for the wheel shafts of the movement on the balance of the spindle and the watch. About 18 clamps./19. Century. 1. Bracelet, composed of a total of eight of the assembled clamp. Diameter of approximately 6 cm. 2. From a total of 16 clamp together the neck chain added. Length approximately 35 cm. Both pieces of jewelry, each with a closure device.

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