Lot 2151. Helman,I.S.H.

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Lot 2151Helman,I.S.H.
Helman,I. S. H. Faits memorables des Empereurs de la Chine, tires of the Annales chinoises... Paris, Selbstvlg. 1788. 4°. With title, stamped is dedicated to companies that stamped.-Bl. with Vignette & 24 Kupfertaf. with 1 Textbl stamped. Leather the time

Brunet III, 90. Cohen-Ricci 479. - Beautiful Fig. by the Chinese Imperial court & scenes of everyday life. - An exquisite work, derived from the "Dijian Tushuo", known as "The mirror of the Emperor", a popular Chinese Ensemble of stories about the praise and blame the actions of the Chinese Emperor. The plates are engraved after the designs of Jean Denis Attiret (1702-1768), a Jesuit missionary and painter who was appreciated by the Chinese Elite and the Emperor himself, and him the title of Mandarin gave. - Description of condition, please ask.

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