Lot 1244. Helvetius, (J.A.).

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Lot 1244 | Helvetius, (J.A.).
Helvetius, (J. A.). Traite des pertes de sang de quelque espece qu'elles soient, Avec leur Remede Specifique, Nouvelle ment De'couvert... Paris, Houry 1697. Kl.8°. With 1 Kupfertaf folded. 7, Bl., 168 P. - ╔Offers.: Ibid.╗ Method pour guerir toute sorte de fievres, sans rien faire prendre par la bouche. 2. ed., revue & augmentee. Ibid. 1697. 9 Bl., 100 S. leather of the time with rich gilt (Vord. Joint whether. torn).

Krivatsy 5456 u. 5455. Two rare works by the Dutch doctor, the first in the first edition. - "The French doctor Le Gras, the new remedy (quinine) was produced for the first time in the years 1672 to Europe, but only since the year 1686, by John. Hadrian Helvetius generally known". - The lower edge of the partially water sand, in places, foxing and lightly browned.

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