Lot 1766. Herbarius often Pataviae.

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Lot 1766Herbarius often Pataviae.
Passau, Johann Petri, 1485. 149 (v. 150) altkolor. semisweet. Holzschn. Bl. II-CL, 1 nn. Bl. Single-column printing, got. Type. Font mirror: 16 x 9 cm. Mod. blindgepr. Maroquinbd. in the style of the time with Rsch.
GW 12270. Grove/C. 8445. Goff H 64. BMC II, 616. Nissen BBI 2303. - It is the title, Bl lack. I with a Holzschn. and at the end of the 22 nn. Bl. with texts declare. - One of the first with Holzschn. illustration. Herbal books, written by an unknown author, appeared in the same year as the Peter Schöffer printed "Gart of health". The "Herbarium Pataviae" printed by Johann Petri, of the counts in addition to Benedikt Mayr of the Passauer only printers. The Herbarius Latinus is incunabula as a prototype for all later herbal book. - Strong print on firm paper, the first Bl. low fingerfl., 2 Bl. browned, 4 Bl. at the end, with a faint water's edge at the top. 10 Bl. in the upper edge of a little clip. (tls. to the sheet number). A few of the Bl. a corner is hardly visible, supplemented, in places, tiny worm holes, mostly outside of the text. Ex-libris.

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