Lot 1732. Herchenhein, F.

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Lot 1732 | Herchenhein, F.
Herchenhein, F. of The Rhine from Mannheim to Cologne. Mainz, Kapp (1850). Qu.4°. Original steel engraving, engraved Leporello with edge views of Cologne, Bonn, Koblenz, Bacharach, inter alia, Approximately 231 x 29 cm. Including trilingual H. Heine's poem "Lorelei" & 2 views of Cologne and Mainz. 19 p., Text in franz. Language. Original cardboard band (Browned, in part, fl., rubbed u. best.).

Tls. slightly used & foxing. - The Rhine from Mainz to Cologne. New bags-Panorama with attached texts. Mainz, Kapp (1870). Lithography(n) Leporello of 16 Bl. 16 P. Ohlwd. (Operation. u. best.). - The le. Bl. the fan-fold flyers with tear to Margin, some foxing - conveyors,G., The Rhine from Basel to Rotterdam. Mainz, Halenza (around 1840). Qu.Kl.8°. Lith. border colored Leporello with kl. The edge views. 16 x 125 cm. Ohlwd. (Tls. rubbed u. best.). - Without a text book, some foxing - Foltz,F., Rhein-Album. Frankfurt am Main, new territory (1896). Qu.4°. With 21 Steel Engraved Plates. 23 Bl. Illustration(s) of the original canvas with Gold & Schwarzpräg., as well as Goldschn. (Etw. rubbed u. best.). - Schwab,F. editor (Schwetzingen, u. of Heidelberg. Cover title). Schwetzingen (around 1840). Qu.8°. 15 Stole.-Views partly after T. Verhas.

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