Lot 830. Hermès-Carré

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Auction date:11.05.2020   10:00 UTC +02:00
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Lot 830Hermès-Carré
Hermès Carré Brides De Gala by Hugo Grygkar in 1957. Famous Motif. Natural white ground, green border, magnificent Harnesses in Green/gold color twill silk, hand rolled, approx. 88 x 85 cm.

Rolled hem on two of the corners processed in any way faulty. The care label is missing. Signs Of Wear, Pull The Thread. - In: Hermès-Carré "Cliquetis" by Julia Abadie in 1972. Black base, cream-coloured segments of a circle. Ceremonial swords, tassels u. horse utensils. Silk twill, hand rolled, approx 87 x 86 cm. - Discoloration. The care label is missing.

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